6 New Years Resolutions for Buyers

New Years Eve is upon us. It’s out with 2020 and in with 2021. If you have thought about buying but have decided to hold off, this could be the year you finally take the plunge and buy your dream home.

In order for you to buy that dream home, you need to commit to the process. So, with that said. Make six resolutions that you will stick to when it comes to buying a home.

Here are six resolutions you should make before you enter the home buying process.

1. Get pre-approved: Your first resolution should be to get pre-approved. Whether it’s through your bank, credit union or a loan officer, getting pre-approved is the first step towards buying your first home or your next home.

2. Hire the right agent for you: Your next resolution should be to hire the right agent. Meet with more than one agent and interview them. Whether it’s in person or via zoom, take the time to find the right agent. Simply giving your business to someone because a family member or friend recommended them is not enough. You want to work with the right person that has your interests in mind, not just their next commission check.

3. Identify your ideal price point and monthly payment: Buying a home is the most important purchase you will make in your life. You want to identify a price point that works for you and a monthly payment that you can afford. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses. Find a home that you can afford not just now but in the future as well.

4. Identify the ideal community: We all have communities that we would like to live in but where you live will come down to what you can afford. It is important to find the ideal community and a home in that community that is priced right. It is a process. So do your due diligence and look at a variety of homes and communities that fit your needs and your budget.

5. Find the right home. Not the perfect home: When looking for a house, often times buyers want the perfect home, not the right home. It is not about the perfect home. It’s about finding the home that best suits your life. Remember. The right home can be the perfect home for you if you chose to make it that.

6. Don’t be afraid to set limits: The market is highly competitive right now amongst buyers. Now more than ever, people are spending above their pre-approval for homes. Don’t be afraid to set limits. It is ok if you don’t get into a bidding war for a property. You may like a home but if you think going over asking will make it difficult for you to afford the home after the fact, don’t do it. It is not worth it. Being fiscally responsible is a good thing.

These resolutions apply no matter what time of the year it is. If you think you want to enter the market as a buyer, email or call me and let’s get you on a path to homeownership. Happy New Year!