Five steps a seller can take to generate multiple offers

June 1, 2021

Home sales (and values) have been on a strong uptick nationwide thanks to low interest rates, freer lending standards and a drop in the foreclosure rate. Sellers everywhere are breathing a giant, collective sigh of relief! But for all of the buyer activity, it seems like most houses sit on one end of two extremes: they either get snatched up the moment they hit the market (with multiple offers and…


Norfolk County Market Update for April 2021

May 13, 2021

Here is your market update for Norfolk County for April 2021 Norwood Pending Sales: 28 Closing Sales: 14 Median Sales Price: $517,500 Cumulative Days On Market: 15 Dedham Pending Sales: 36 Closing Sales: 20 Median Sales Price: $636,500 Cumulative Days On Market: 19 Walpole Pending Sales: 16 Closing Sales: 10 Median Sales Price: $597,750 Cumulative Days On Market: 17 Canton Pending Sales: 38 Closing Sales: 12 Median Sales Price: $732,250…


Waving an inspection is risky business

May 3, 2021

You are in the market to buy your dream house but every time you find a home you like and put in an offer, you get outbid. Thus is the life of a buyer in 2021. There are too many buyers and not enough homes. Buyers are resorting to desperate measures to secure the home of their dreams.  From writing letters to waving inspections, buyers are doing everything they can…


5 Reasons Why Selling Your Home In The Winter Makes Sense

December 9, 2020

People who are looking to sell their home scoff at the notion of selling their home in the winter. Between the holidays and the weather, people always seem to put off listing their home in the winter. The belief is, the spring time is the ideal time to sell your home. While there might be some truth to that, there are benefits to selling your home between the months of…