Community Spotlight: Norwood

Each week we will highlight a community in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We will tell you how many home are currently on the market, median price for the month and the year and we will give you some additional facts about the community.


Active Single Family Listings: 11

2020 Median Sale Price: $550,000

Median Sale Price for November: $547,500

Closed Sales for 2020: 184

Pending Sales to Date: 201

Cumulative Days On Market: 26

Norwood Town Facts:

1. Norwood is a medium-sized town located in the state of Massachusetts. With a population of 29,327 people.

2. Norwood is the 59th largest community in Massachusetts.

3. Housing costs in Norwood are among some of the highest in the nation, although real estate prices don’t compare to real estate prices in the most expensive communities in Massachusetts.

4. 87.38% of the community works white collar jobs.

5. Average commute time into Boston is about 33 minutes.

6. 47.53% of Norwood residents have a bachelors degree.

7. The per capita income in Norwood for 2018 was $45,020. A family of four per capita earned $180,000.

8. Norwood is a diverse community. The majority of the community identifies as either Irish or Italian but you have a large African-American, Lebanese, Syrian, Portuguese and Brazilian population as well.