DIY projects could be tough this spring due to rising costs

As Memorial Day approaches, people are getting their homes ready for the summer season. Spring is usually a time of year where people do a lot of projects around the house.

From landscaping to touching up the exterior of your home to additions, the spring is DIY (Do It Yourself) season. Unfortunately, it is tough to do it yourself this spring with the rising cost of products.

For example, take a look at the price of lumber. Lumber prices have been skyrocketing for over a year now thanks to COVID-19 and the price of lumber has been felt throughout the real estate industry, not just with home owners looking to improve their current homes.

The increase in lumber prices has been passed onto consumers. Whether it be developers building homes or contractors doing additions or updates, it is costing people more now if they want to update their deck or add onto their existing home.

It is not just the lumber industry. Landscaping products have also seen an increase in price. From bushes to flowers to mulch, the price to make your home beautiful this summer has gone up.

If you chose to pay a landscaper to do the work, you will notice an increase in price. Like contractors, it is costing landscapers more money to operate and as a result, they are passing that cost down to the consumer.

Despite the rising costs associated with home improvement projects, experts say you should still make improvements to your home but have a budget in place and make sure you know what you want to do. Have an exactly plan so that you are not spending frivolously and wasting money.

Do it yourself projects will always be the best to improve your home and save money. Get creative, get out there and get it done!