Remote learning and working from home will fuel demand for property sales in 2021

Thanks to COVID-19, more Americans now than ever are learning and working from home. While students are expected to eventually return to fin person learning, many Americans will still be working from home when things return to normal.

Companies are embracing the work from home model because it is efficient and it saves them money on office rent.

While companies may embrace working from home, it isn’t exactly easy on employees. Citing a lack of office space, most employees who work from home have turned dining rooms into offices.

Now more than ever, people are feeling the crunch when it comes to finding a space to work at home.

Provided they have job security, this will force people to start looking for homes with more square footage and more rooms. The need for additional space will help fuel the real estate industry.

It will inject some much needed inventory into the market and it will add to already deep buyer pool nationally.

Factor in low interest rates and the potential for President Biden’s $15,000 first time homebuyer tax credit and you can expect more people to enter the market as buyers and sellers this spring.

People are struggling with living and working at home. They need more space and as a result, they will look to upgrade.

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